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Springtime Eye Care Tips

Portrait of a young woman blowing her nose with a tissue outside

Here in Wisconsin, we are excited to see the official start of spring! However, springtime is also the start of allergy season and harsh UV rays. Here are a few tips to help you see your best this spring.

  • Treat your allergies early – Staying ahead of your allergy symptoms are key. Excessive watery eyes or dry eyes can be a common symptom of allergies. It is important to know which is the cause before treating. Make sure you visit with an optometrist about your eye allergy symptoms before starting any new medications.
  • Protect your eyes – Be sure to select a pair of sunglasses that completely blocks 100% of UV rays. Polarized lenses are a nice options and can help reduce reflection off glaring surfaces such as water and cars. And don’t forget the kiddos – protect your child’s eyes from eye sunburn and other UV-induced eye problems – wearing a hat also provides added protection.
  • Outdoor sports – Outdoor activities such as baseball, volleyball and golf can have the potential to cause eye injuries, so be sure to wear eye protection when playing sports. You can talk to your optometrist about selecting proper eye protection, and even prescription eye protection.
  • Spring break vacation – While packing for your spring break getaway, don’t forget to throw in your sunglasses and hat!
  • Visit your optometrist – Annual eye exams are an important part of maintaining your eye health.
  • H2O – Drinking water is essential to maintaining body balance and weight which could prevent glaucoma. It also helps to add moisture and hydration to your eyes and mouth.


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