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Volunteer for Sight

The Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to restoring sight through the recovery and transplantation of corneal tissue. Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin provides 100% of Wisconsin’s corneal surgery needs for corneal transplant surgeons throughout the state; no cornea leaves the state until every Wisconsin patient’s needs are accounted for. Every step of the donation process committed through the Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin is 100 percent non-profit, from recovery to transplant. We maintain the altruistic spirit of the gift  and each donation is handled with the utmost respect

A strong backbone of our work is the volunteers who make some of our work happen. From the Lions club transporters that relay tissue across the state, to our speakers and event volunteers that tell the stories of how their corneal transplants changed their lives, The Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin is grateful for the hard work and dedication that our volunteers put it to make the gift of sight a reality for their neighbors. Our eye bank is always look for volunteers to help bring awareness to our cause.

Why Get Involved?

Non Profit

We are the only 501 (c)(3) registered non-profit eye tissue bank in the state of Wisconsin

We Give the Gift of Sight

Each year we process over 1,600 corneas used by surgeons to restore vision.

We Put Wisconsin First

We serve Wisconsin patients first. Not a single cornea leaves the state before local patient needs are met

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