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LEBW Leadership Team


Stacey Troha
Stacey Troha
Chief Executive Officer
Tolulope Oyedun
Director of Clinical & Technical Services
Andreea Bauknecht
Andreea Bauknecht
Director of Quality Services
Ivan Castaneda
Ivan Castaneda
Surgical Services Manager
Kasey Schmitz
Nick Waite, MFS, CTBS
Director of External Affairs
Allison Driggett
Allison Driggett
Donor Support Center Supervisor


LEBW Medical Directors


Dr. Evan Warner
Dr. Evan Warner
Associate Medical Director
Dr. Meisha Raven headshot
Dr. Meisha Raven
Associate Medical Director


2023-2024 LEBW Board of Directors, Executive Committee


Erica Singley headshot
Lion Erica Singley
LEBW Board Chair
Donald Drew
PDG Donald Drew
1st Vice Chair
PDG Marcia Hagen
2nd Vice Chair
Bob Henning
PDG Bob Henning
Past LEBW Board Chair
Gary Brummeyer
PDG Gary Brummeyer
Ron Blawusch
Lion Ron Blawusch


2023-2024 LEBW Board of Directors


PDG Robert Klockow
A2 Representative
Lion Charles Keifenheim
B1 Representative
PCC Dean Haas
B2 Representative
PDG Sue Habrat
C1 Representative
PDG Judy Hatz
C2 Representative
Lion Clark Pettersen
D2 Representative
PDG Larry Bradley
E1 Representative
Lion Gerald Ries
E2 Representative
DG Jeff Winkler
Council Representative
Dr. T. Michael Nork
Medical Appointee
Dr. Michael Shapiro
At Large
PDG Greg Pryor
At Large
PDG Rick Daluge
Presidential Appointee