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Medical Examiners and Coroners

Medical Examiners and coroners play a critical role in helping advance the gift of sight to be given to potential donor recipients in need. Our collaboration should not impede your service to the public and we work hard to make the corneal donation process as easy as possible. The National Association of Medical Examiners advocates for positive collaboration between organ donation organizations and Medical examiners and we aim to provide a positive relationship.


  • The Ideal window for tissue recovery is 12 hours or less. Tissue becomes significantly less suitable for transplant after 12 hours and almost un-recoverable after 18.
  • Our recovery process is non-invasive. We take great care to leave all medical interventions in place as to not disrupt other post-mortem processes. Our blood draws follow the same outlines
  • We have 24 hour recovery technicians. Our recovery techs are available 24 hours

Having excellent cooperation and coordination with our Medical Examiners and Coroners is essential to providing viable tissue for transplant. Our dedicated work together can help provide sight for someone in need.

How you can help

Eye care post-mortem is critical to providing viable tisse for organ donation. The endothelial layer of the cell is a single layer, and is NOT regenerative. Therefore, preserving this cell layer is important for the eye because it acts as a pump to push fluid out of the eye; without it, fluid can swell the eye after death, resulting in poor and damaged eye tissue.

Providing viable eye tissue for transplant comes down to the  W.I.R.E

    • Wet the eyes with saline before opening for examination to prevent tearing. We can provide you with saline
    • Ice the eyes with ice packs or refrigerate the donor
    • Raise the head to prevent fluid build up around the eyes
    • Eyes closed to prevent tissue damage
Eye care cheat sheet