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Planting Seeds of Healing, Hope, and Inspiration

The Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin is pleased to announce its plan to create a permanent tribute to all who are touched by donation, procurement, transformation of the gift of sight, and transplantation at its corporate offices in Madison, WI. The Journey of the Gift of Sight Garden is envisioned as a multipurpose space of

Pausing to Reflect on What it’s Really Like to be Part of a Donor Family

Organ, eye, and tissue transplants represent miracles to recipients whose lives are saved and whose suffering is relieved when they receive their transplant. Human nature compels most people to “look on the bright side” of life events and celebrate with gratitude the various gifts bestowed upon us, but in the context of organ, eye, and

Celebrating the Miracles of Donation and Transplantation

April is “Donate Life Month”, a time of bringing awareness to the processes of organ, eye, and tissue donation and transplantation in the United States, and around the world. According to medical research, corneal disease is the third leading cause of blindness worldwide. Corneal graft surgery (transplantation) is among the most frequently performed, and one