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Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin Transporters

**Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin will resume utilizing our LEBW Transporter program beginning Monday, June 1, for both inbound and outbound tissue transports. Please anticipate the number of transports to be less than your usual for this time of the year.** 

There are over 550 Lions Clubs throughout the state of Wisconsin that serve communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding. Close to half of these clubs serve as transporters for Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin (LEBW). Transporters of LEBW transport boxes of eye tissue from various pickup and drop off locations. This system has been coined ‘The Cornea Express,’ because transporters relay boxes of tissue from various pickup/drop off locations to the LEBW office in Madison, Wisconsin, or outbound to surgical centers. This is for both incoming tissue (tissue coming from various locations in the state to LEBW) or outgoing tissue, meaning tissue that is being sent from LEBW to surgery centers (ready for transplant). LEBW is grateful for all Transporters and volunteers for their hard work, and dedication in helping to provide the precious gift of sight.

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If you have any questions regarding the schedule or other related Transporter topics, please contact Kasey Schmitz at or call 877.233.2354 ext. 212