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Tim Touchett

Tim Touchett

Timothy Touchett was born to be a hero, enlisting in the Wisconsin National Guard at the age of 17 and affecting countless lives throughout his thirty years of life. In the military, Staff Sergeant Touchett worked tirelessly with the Wounded Warrior Program to ensure the state’s wounded, and their families received the medical care, resources, support and attention they had earned through their service. As the Training Non-Commissioned Officer for Waukesha’s 135th, Tim was active in promoting the success of his soldiers as a mentor, leader and advocate. In his role as Suicide Prevention Case Manager and Resiliency Trainer, he left his mark as a caring and compassionate friend and role model who made himself available at a moment’s notice to support the needs and overall well-being of Wisconsin’s troops. In his lifetime Tim created a legacy which will never be forgotten by those who knew him and continues to touch the lives and futures of those who never had the honor.

Tim was born in Long Lake, Wisconsin, to Barb and John Touchett, baby brother to Megan and Emily. He lived his life for small moments spent on the lake, fishing with his daughters, hiking in woods with crackling leaves beneath his feet, a smile on his lips and the laughter of his children surrounding him. Traveling home to northern Wisconsin from Madison, and later Waukesha would be the culmination of much anticipation, “home” was where Tim was happiest and despite the fact that his work often called him far from his home and those he loved, Tim’s heart was never far from the great woods, creeks and peace he would find while home.

Tim attended high school in Florence, Wisconsin, and college at UW-Platteville. He spent fourteen months deployed in Iraq from 2004-05 and many training and support missions which allowed him to travel the world during his life. In 2006, Tim married his high school sweetheart, Sarah, and together they built a life of laughter and love which was only amplified by the births of each of their daughters, Evelyn, Sophia and Delilah. Tim and Sarah built a partnership and life filled with laughter and overflowing with love as they raised their young family while always making time for each other. Tim will forever be remembered for his ability to make time for what was important in life.

His “girls” quickly became his life, and being a father, his greatest passion and calling. On weekends he would be spotted sledding through Waukesha with the girls, strolling the farmer’s market with little hands in his, picking apples at an orchard, beachside building sand castles and at the wheel of a boat with a huge grin on his face while the girls learned to find passion for the many experiences their dad shared with them.

Tim died unexpectedly on September 16, 2014 from an AVM rupture near his brainstem. His absence continues to be felt most heavily by all who knew and remember him. His joy, love and loyalty to his soldiers, his family and his country will never be forgotten. Tim was born to be a hero and being a hero came easily to him in his career and life as a soldier. He will live on in the memory as a hero to his family, especially his girls. In his death Tim became a hero to those who he had never met while on earth through his gift of organ, eye and tissue donation. His spirit continues to inspire, his legacy lives on and continues to touch lives in the spirit of his memory and the financial support of young people and veterans who receive scholarships and support in his name.