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LEBW Family Services Program

LEBW provides resources to donor families that have chosen to give the gift of sight and preserve a legacy. By making the decision for your loved one to be an eye, tissue, and organ donor, you chose an incredible way to preserve a legacy. LEBW needs eye and corneal tissue from donors of most ages. Eye tissue is used for more than just to restore vision; it also can be used to further research for certain diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. We realize that making the decision to donate isn’t always easy, especially amidst the loss of a loved one. Donation is a precious gift, and we honor your loved one’s gift with the utmost respect and care. We’ve outlined a few resources below that may give you strength during your time of need. If you need additional grief resources please contact us at 877.233.2354 ext. 212 or send us, familyservices@lebw.org.

The Compassionate Friends
Wausau, WI

Journey of Hearts


Quilt Squares

Each donor family is invited to participate in the creation of a Donor Memorial Quilt, to recognize those who have chosen to give the Gift of Sight. A quilt square represents donors, and tells their story. A quilt, as well as quilt squares, travel throughout the state to raise awareness of eye, organ, and tissue donation. We continuously rotate the quilts as more are made. One quilt remains on display at Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin main office.

An invitation to participate in the quilt square are sent to donor families 3 months after the gift of sight is given by their loved one, to allow the family time to grieve.

Quilt Squares
Families helped annually

Corresponding With a Recipient

Many families chose to write to the recipient(s) of their loved one’s donation, in an effort to feel close to their family member, providing a sense of closure and making a connection with the recipient who received the transplant.

Should you decide that writing to your loved one’s recipient(s) is right for you, we are honored to help facilitate the process. The first step is to write a letter/card and sen it to LEBW. These directions will help guide you through this process:

  • Write about information that you feel comfortable sharing. This may include describing your loved one’s interests, occupation, or other information about them and your family.
  • You may identify yourself and your loved one by your/their first name and include photos if desired. To maintain confidentiality, please do not include other identifying information in your letter such as last name, address, email, etc.
  • Include a separate sheet of paper with your full name, your loved one’s full name, and date of death. This information is necessary for identification purposes only and will not be shared with the recipient. Mail or email to:
    LEBW Family Services
    5003 Tradewinds Parkway, Madison, WI 53718

After exchanging at least one letter between you and the recipient(s) there are options for direct communication.

Grief Resources

Click here for a list of online grief support services. Click here for regionally located resources and grief support.