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Contacting the Recipient/Your Donor

A Personal Decision

The decision to write to a transplant recipient or your corneal tissue donor’s family is a personal one. As a donor family member, you may decide to write a letter or send a card to the transplant recipient to help in your grieving process.

The Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin uses the utmost care since patient confidentiality is concerned, and acts as a facilitator, communicating between you and the cornea transplant recipient/donor family.

Therefore when writing your letter, please provide general information only (to ensure confidentiality).  Some information you may want to include:

  • FIRST name only
  • Your loved one’s job or occupation (if writing to transplant recipient)
  • Your loved one’s hobbies or interests (if writing to transplant recipient)
  • Special memories of your loved one (if writing to transplant recipient)
  • How the decision to donate/gift has impacted you and your family
  • Use simple language

Please address your correspondence to: Transplant Recipient/ Donor Family

Place the letter/card in an unsealed envelope. Then include a separate sheet of paper with your full name, and the name and date of the death of your loved one (if applicable). The identification of either party will NOT be made available unless both parties consent to having their identity revealed.

Mail to:
Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin
2401 American Lane
Madison, WI 53704-3101

You may or may not hear back from the other party. Some recipients choose to respond and others choose not to. This is due to their personal decision. In the case of transplant recipients, while many are grateful for the gift of sight, many have said that they feel overwhelmed with emotion and have difficulty expressing their gratitude in writing. Therefore, you should not feel discouraged if the other party does not respond immediately, or at all. There have been many instances where parties have decided to make contact after much time has passed.