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Meet Allison, LEBW’s 2017 representative for the National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin’s Spotlight on Life


Allison Driggett

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A Spotlight on Donation

The National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin (NKFW) created Spotlight on Life in 2011. Today, it has grown to be an annual tradition between Fred Astaire Dance Studios and the NKFW of dance, collaboration, and fun-spirited competition. Spotlight on Life celebrates the lives that have been saved or enhanced through transplantation, donors who have given the gift of life, and underscores the 2,249 Wisconsin families who are still waiting for their loved ones to receive a critical life-saving transplant.

This year’s event will take place on January 21, 2017, 7PM CST at the Milwaukee Hilton and will be live streamed here for those that can’t attend.

Combining dancing, rivalry, and fun, Spotlight on Life is a unique gala celebration of the gift of life. Representatives from organ procurement organizations, tissue banks, transplant hospitals, and other related organizations take professional dance lessons from FADS professionals and compete toe-to-toe on the dance floor. Guests enjoy a gourmet dinner, dance competition, and after party. Every guest votes for their “Fan Favorite” with every $5 donated equal to 1 vote.


Event Stream @7PM

Get to know Allison

Why did you decide to become our dancer?
If you attended the Spotlight on Life gala last year, you would know in an instant why I decided to do this. Last year, this event, for me, was an incredibly humbling experience. Being in that room, surrounded by the people who are doing great things for the world, making amazing things happen every day…it’s what we need more of. So much more. Our field of work has historically had a dark cloud hanging over it because it often times is the result of death and losing a loved one. And while, yes,  that is a part of what we do, I want the focus to be on the life we are making possible every day. Our work and collective accomplishments should be celebrated. I also want to bring awareness to organ, tissue and eye donation. I want families to have the conversation. I want to take away the somber aspect and make it about heroism and giving the gift of life.

What’s your role at LEBW?
My title is Quality and Recovery Services Specialist-In the office I review donor records and evaluate them for eligibility. I also work in the field recovering tissue from our donors.

How many lessons have you had so far?
I have had 4 lessons so far. It is a lot of work but so much fun! My partner Zachary is a great teacher.

What’s you’re favorite part of dancing?
My favorite part of dancing is the new challenge it brings for me. This is way out of my comfort zone for sure. It’s another opportunity to grow, be active and experience something I would normally never do.

When you’re not dancing, what would we find you doing?
When I’m not dancing, I’m mom to the 2 most wonderful little boys that keep me very busy. And when I’m not with them, you will find me at the gym, running and boxing. I also love to read (real books, no e-readers for me!) and I really enjoy cooking. My dream is to go to Italy for a few weeks and take cooking classes.

How can we vote for you?
The National Kidney Foundation will be setting up a fundraising platform for each dancer and you will be able to donate through that link. Each $5 donation is a vote and the dancer with the most votes will receive the People’s Choice Award at the gala.

Anything else we should know?
The gala is January 21st, 2017 at the Milwaukee Hilton and will be live streamed for those that can’t attend. It has a fantastic auction as well. I would encourage people to like our FB page and NKF’s FB page since that is where much of the info and fundraising instructions will be found.


Milwaukee Hilton City Center

509 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53203

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